Lost - Electronic Music for Bright Days and Brighter Nights

Lose yourself in the sunlight, the bright city night lights, endless blue, summer skies, ambient club ebb and glow, the liquid shimmer, hazy glimmer, the vista daze, the infinite amazed. Lost.

The Beautiful Ones - Electronic Music for Dark Days and Darker Nights

For the lonely, the solitary and the introverted. For quiet moments and silent screams. The oblivion between false hope and despair. Hiding away. Dancing alone.

Electric Pajama Party

Get your pajama party freak on! Electro-cute your friends in the comfort of their own pajamas!

La falsa felicidad (indie alternativa)

Primer LP de Mr. Seivane

La falsa felicidad (Indie Synth pop)

10 temas cargados de sintetizadores!

All Night Indie Dance Party

¡Danza toda la noche con estas canciones electro / alternativas alternativas del nu-disco / avant-pop / indie electro!

Depeche Mode - The Essentials - The Spirit of Synthpop - Best of 101

Una recopilación de las mejores canciones de Depeche Mode.

Álbumes de estudio de DM:

Speak & Spell (1981)
A broken frame (1982)
Construction Time Again (1983)
Some Great Reward (1984)

Euro 80's

Euro 80's: Disco Music from the Eighties / Música Disco europea de los 80


Un repaso a la música synthpop de todos los tiempos.

Estación Indie Rock 2015